Friday, November 21, 2008

It's The Holiday Season. Can Your Gifts Be Taxed?

The holiday season is upon us. The malls are beginning to pack and the word "Sale!" seems to be popping up everywhere. With all this gift-giving, a lot of us don't stop to thinking about how the gifts we give & receive may affect our taxes.

Now, little things like CDs and clothes have no value. But bigger gifts, like cars, vacations, and real estate do.

Death & Taxes has a good series on gift tax up.

It's 4 parts:
Intro: What Is Considered a Taxable Gift
Credits and Exclusions
The "Unified" Credit: You can give up to $1 million in your life without having to pay tax.
Conclusion: When To Hire a Professional to Arbitrate the Giving

Further Reading:
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