Thursday, August 14, 2008

Find Out Where Your State Ranks in Taxes

I thought North Carolina taxes were bad... but I guess everything's relative. I often forget that New York & New Jersey are out of their minds in taxes! Makes me glad we moved south years ago. See state below...

10 lowest tax burden states: Alaskans get that honor, but I'm happy to report that Texas made the coveted list of 10 least taxing states. I'm not questioning the data, but sometimes it sure doesn't feel like I'm living in a relatively low-tax state.

Here's the complete list of lower taxing states with the percentage of income paid by their residents:

* Alaska, 6.4 percent
* Nevada, 6.6 percent
* Wyoming, 7.0 percent
* Florida, 7.4 percent
* New Hampshire, 7.6 percent
* South Dakota, 7.9 percent
* Tennessee, 8.3 percent
* Texas, 8.4 percent
* Louisiana, 8.4 percent
* Arizona, 8.5 percent

10 highest tax burden states: New Jersey has the dubious distinction of leading the list at the other end of the state and local tax spectrum. The 10 states on the highest tax roster are:

* New Jersey, 11.8 percent
* New York, 11.7 percent
* Connecticut, 11.1 percent
* Maryland, 10.8 percent
* Hawaii, 10.6 percent
* California, 10.5 percent
* Ohio 10.4 percent
* Vermont, 10.3 percent
* Wisconsin, 10.2 percent
* Rhode Island, 10.2 percent

Read full article by Don't Mess With Taxes for more information!

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