Thursday, April 3, 2008

Your G-String Money Is Safe in Texas

As reported by TaxGirl, a Texas tax that would impose a $5 fee to frequenters of strip clubs has been shot down.

Well, well, well... whatdoyahknow. That's a shocker!

What is going on with the tax system lately? First the crack tax and now this? Is it me or does it seem that we're getting away from the primary function of taxes: to help pay for our national infrastructure and operational expenses. When did a "tax" become an obligational fee to benefit some human rights platform??

I'm sorry, but I think we're abusing the term "tax" here. And I hate to say it, but the plastic bag "tax" is walking the same line.

Don't force me to fund causes I don't agree with.

Wait... I guess maybe these are taxes then...

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