Friday, April 11, 2008

This Week's IRS "Hall of Shame" Inductee: Steve Irwin ("The Crocodile Hunter") 's Australian Zoo

Originally founded in 1970 by Steve's parents, the Australian Zoo is currently being investigated due to a possibly tremendous tax evasion scandal-- $2.3 million to be exact.

How did they amass this sum you say? My answer: by strategically placing large sums in overseas bank accounts to evade paying taxes. Now, to not sully the name of the deceased, I must clarify that much of the heat seems to be coming down on Irwin's wife, Terri, being that she was in primary control of the zoo's finances. It' also seems to be creating some friction in the family, as the news of tax evasion forced Steve's father, Bob, to resign from his position at the zoo.

To point one last finger, the tax evasion seems to be tied to Nick Petroulias, the former Australian tax commissioner, who has already been charge with bribery and corruption in other unrelated cases.

What do I have to say about this? At least the U.S. isn't the only country who's citizens hate paying their taxes. I guess death and taxes are global truths after all.

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