Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who To Vote For? Just Press Enter

The TaxProf has some pretty cool things on his blog sometimes. This time he's found a tool created by Ted Frank of American Enterprise Institute. Being a tool-lover (no snickers please), I immediately latched on to this.

Basically what it does is calculate the taxes you can expect to pay based on McCain or Obama's tax policy. You can download the tool here.

Nothing speaks to people more than dollars and cents, which is why this spreadsheet should have such wide appeal. However, I wish he had added Hillary in there. I'm guessing that Mr. Frank chose McCain and Obama since they seem to have the best chance of winning the nomination, but Hillary and Obama are still duking it out. It would've been nice to compare the Democrats against each other. But oh well...

Keep up the good work!
~The Good Tax Helper

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