Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Feature to Tax Facts! WEEKLY ROUNDUP

Weekly I come across numerous stories about taxes and personal finance across the Internet. The best of those get written about on Tax Facts. But then I always come to the same conundrum, "What should I do with all these other, great articles that just didn't make the cut?"

My answer: "The Tax Facts WEEKLY ROUND-UP"

The Weekly Round-Up will be a list of links with a short summary of what the article is about, if necessary. I'll try to separate them out by category (i.e humor, politics, how-to, etc.) to make your perusing easier.

Enjoy your first installment!!

Robber Gets Cash but Leaves W-2

Tax on Crack? Anyone? Anyone?

17 Ways to Save on Your Taxes

How To Break Even at Tax Time

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