Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be Prepared: You WILL Get A Letter From The IRS!

So, you've gotten you're taxes together, you're done it by the book, and all the signatures and required documents are included. You're all set to mail it when...

You get a letter from the IRS. (Dah Dah Dah!)

You go into a tail spin. Why? Why me? I'm a good citizen!! I pay my taxes!! I keep out of the Hall of Shame!! I have 5 more weeks left to file!!

Alas, relax my friend. If you actually open the letter (as many people rarely do), you'll see that they're mailing you so that they can remind you of money, that is, your rebate.

See this IRS press release for more. See here for the CNNMoney article.

(Although I'd hate to spoil a happy post about the IRS, I must point out that as Don't Mess With Taxes covered, the mailing of these letters will cost the government $42 million in postage and printing. Wow. This is where you say thanks for the gesture but it's really not necessary...)

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