Friday, October 17, 2008

Taxes Can Be Scary: Part 4

Tax Fear # 4

Afraid my tax advisor is incompetent or a crook.

This fear has been substantiated for some as soon as they turned on the news and saw that a number of Jackson Hewitt franchises had filed bogus returns for clients and as a result, 125 branch offices were shut down. The same fear is also validated every time they hear a friend say that they were audited because the person that did their taxes screwed something up. It’s a reality for some but it does not need to hold you back from filing your returns.

Everybody makes mistakes, even tax professionals. I am afraid it’s human nature. But no one said that you had to pay for those mistakes. Do your homework and hire a reputable firm. You can look them up online at the Better Business Bureau’s website or go to and read the testimonials that have been posted. And once you are a client, don’t take every suggestion at face value. Make sure you ask questions and understand why it is that they are putting what they are down on your tax return. Remember, if it sounds shady…it probably is.


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