Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just How Much Is Being Given Back?

**** Individual Tax Returns cumulative through the weeks ending 9/29/06 and 9/28/07

Total Refunds:

99,173,000 (2006)--------------------103,470,000 (2007)--------------- +4.3%

$218.731 Billion (2006)----------------$233.695 Billion (2007)------------ +6.8%

Average Refund
$2,206 (2006)------------------------$2,259 (2007)---------------------- +2.4%

During this past tax season, 135,341,000 tax returns were received by the Internal Revenue Service. Of these, 135,033,000 were actually processed. This number is up 2.9% from the previous year. Keep in mind that these numbers, as well as the ones above, do not include business tax returns. Also please remember that if you are due a refund, you only have three years to collect that money from the IRS. There is no reason to sit around and put off receiving money. That's crazy talk. If you don't like money for some reason, please leave me a comment with your contact number so I may call you and give you my address. I will allow you to send me all the money you don't want from this point forward. It will be my gift to you.


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Ecuskully02 said...

Why is it I am only able to receive my refund for the past 3 years but they are able to collect from the past 10? I've even noticed that if they don't asses the liability that it can last even longer than ten years from the date you filed. Thanks for the great articles and for the answer in advance...