Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The IRS Repossessed My Car...

I was busy putting my trash cans by the road since tomorrow was garbage day. Then I hear the slurred voice of my neighbor and before I know it, I am trapped talking to him. It was already 2pm so he was well lit by this point. "Hey guess what? I am finally getting my car back. I settled up with the IRS and they are going to give it back to me. I would of had it sooner, but it takes forever to get a hearing with them."

Now, to know my neighbor would mean that you know he is an alcoholic and a habitual liar. First off, the Internal Revenue Service wouldn't have repossessed his car...the bank or lender would have. The IRS could have placed a federal tax lien against my neighbor and that would have prevented him from buying or selling a car, but they certainly did not repossess it. It's just not their style. Second, to get that car back once repossessed, my neighbor would have had to fork over some serious dough and that was not possible for a man who wasn't working. No, once again my inebriated friend is lying to my face. I know this because as I said before, the IRS isn't going to repossess the car. I also know this because the owner of the house my neighbor was renting told me so. You see, the car is the house owner's, and he gave it to his renter to get around town in. He took the car because he noticed my neighbor was behind on his rent, wasn't keeping up the house, and remained in an intoxicated state. So the real reason my neighbor was getting back his "repossessed" car was because apparently the owner had a change of heart. Again, something uncharacteristic of the IRS.

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Ecuskully02 said...

Ok now that's just too funny. Did you ever tell your neighbor about this or does he still think the IRS took it? I think you should just type up a nice letter from the IRS to him and explain that next time they will keep it even longer.