Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Free Money in '08?

Well, nothings really free. There's no free lunch remember? But although it comes from somewhere, the important point is that it comes to your wallet.

The specifics

In order to stimulate a waning economy, the government is proposing a tax rebate. The rebate is being issued in hopes that people will spend the money and breathe some life into the economy. Whether this happens or not or whether an actual plan is decided on remains to be seen. But let's get to what the rebate means to you.

Senate Version

$500 per Individual
$1,000 per Joint return
$300 per Child
And there is no limit on income

Congress Version

$600 per Individual
$1,200 per Joint return
$300 per Child
Limitations: Filers must have more than $300 in Adjusted Gross Income and there will be a 5 cent deduction in the rebate per $1 over an AGI of 75K for individuals and $150K for joint filers.

**And if you have tax debt, don't get excited. That rebate money goes to the government!**

But It's January!

If you're worried the Senate and House won't get their act together until it's too late, don't worry. In 2001 when this was done Bush signed the dotted line and 4 months later the checks was given out--this would mean if the bill is signed during February, the money would come out in June. Not that bad...

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