Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa's list a little different this year...

Talk about thinking outside of the box. Tax inspectors are being deployed in Buenos Aires, Argentina dressed as Santa Claus. These pseudo St. Nicks aim to encourage reluctant taxpayers in Argentina's capital to pay their taxes. Santa isn’t requesting a wish-list but instead, are informing pedestrians about special benefits if they pay up this month. It is the latest in a series of official campaigns against tax evasion in Argentina.

As part of the campaign, referred to as "Holidays without Debt," around 100 Santas are out on the streets promoting the tax board's special Christmas offer. If people in Buenos Aires pay their outstanding debts by December 20th, they could be eligible for a series of festive tax deductions. The official leading the campaign said it was a chance to start the New Year in peace, free from the fear of prosecution.

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