Thursday, December 20, 2007

Effective January 6, 2008  IRS to Partially Redact All Federal Tax Lien Document SSNs

In the last couple of years, identity theft has become an increasingly detrimental reality. Seems that if there is a will, there’s way…no matter how hard we try to keep our information private. We shred all documents with our social security numbers on it and are wary every time we submit an online payment. We, as a nation, have been striving to protect our identities every way that we can. We have now taken another precaution, this time concerning public documents that include a SSN.

Effective January 6, 2008 the IRS will partially redact taxpayer social security numbers in the format XXX-XX-NNNN on all federal tax lien documents filed in public records, including lien documents issued electronically. SSNs will also be partially redacted on documents issued to taxpayers and their representatives.

After January 6, only the last four digits of the SSN will appear on all federal tax lien documents. This change will not impact IRS systems or IRS employees’ ability to provide assistance to taxpayers using the SSN as an identifier.

This is good news for those who have a federal tax lien on record, but for those who’s tax problem has just begun, it is important that you work to resolve your tax liability as quickly as possible, before lien filing becomes necessary.


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